Reasons for rejection in men

Men may have urethral discharge. This happens at different times of the day, the color and reasons for their appearance are also specific. Distributions in men can in some cases cause concern, then you should immediately consult a doctor. For example, if bleeding is observed, immediate action must be taken. Be sure to undergo an examination and the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

man frustrated by rejection when aroused

The reasons for the appearance of rejection can be different, the symptoms depend on the stage of the course of the disease. When there is a discharge from the urethra in men, self-treatment should not be limited. Medicines can only be taken after an examination.

But mucus discharge does not always indicate that there is a disease. The following manifestations are considered normal:

  1. Distributions in men, when excited, appear in a small volume without foreign inclusions.
  2. Pollution.
  3. Prosorrhoea of defecation, the appearance of mucous thickened clots with ridges during intense straining during the act of defecation.
  4. Rarely, discharge from the urethra appears with a strong cough, straining, but they are all rare, they have no smell.

Discharge color

Distributions in men can be of different colors. These are nocturnal and abundant secretions of a transparent color, leukorrhea during the day, blood, traces of semen, pus and much more. Everything depends on the presence of a certain type of disease, stage, causes of its occurrence.

The composition of secretions is also specific, ranging from cells and blood particles to mucus, pus and semen.

Most often, a clear liquid is released, which looks like mucus, but with the contents of the epithelium, the discharge becomes grayish, their consistency is thick. With a high content of leukocytes, the color becomes yellowish and green, an unpleasant smell of pus is observed. With thrush and other infectious diseases, the color becomes white, the consistency is thick, and a characteristic odor is observed. The discharge after urination can vary in volume. If there are a lot of them, there is an unpleasant smell, cramps, burning, then you should immediately go to the hospital.

White discharge from the urethra

pain in groin and discharge when excited

During urination and at other times, a white discharge may be observed. If they are accompanied by a strong and intense burning sensation, pain, itching, then these are signs of an inflammatory process. During urination or during the rest of the day, white discharge appears with such diseases:

  1. Ureaplasmosis is sexually transmitted, the causative agent is a special single-celled organism called ureaplasma.
  2. Mycoplasmosis is an infectious, fairly common disease, the causative agent of which is an organism that is in an intermediate state between a virus and a bacterium. White discharge after or during urination may be accompanied by itching or burning.
  3. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infectious disease, for its determination a smear is not enough, it is necessary to do a blood test. The disease itself can be newly acquired or chronic, it is not subject to treatment, only maintenance therapy is prescribed, drugs to eliminate the main symptoms. The causative agent is chlamydia.

White discharge in the morning and at other times of the day can be a sign that a rather dangerous disease is developing - prostatitis. Here serious and long-term treatment is required, and the rejection itself can appear before and after urination, the process of urination itself becomes difficult, and sex life is reduced to nothing.

If left untreated, the consequences of the diseases can be dangerous, up to the appearance of male infertility. This scenario is far from always observed, but if the disease starts, is ignored and personal hygiene is not observed, the consequences can be disastrous.

Transparent discharge in inflammatory processes

a man at the doctor with a discharge during stimulation

In infectious diseases, completely different fluids can be released, their color and composition depend on the form of the disease. For example, during venereal diseases observed:

  1. Profuse discharge of mucus and pus from the urethra, which may be accompanied by itching. This condition occurs if gonorrhea is diagnosed.
  2. Transparent discharge from the urethra, mucous, scanty is observed with a disease such as chlamydia.
  3. With trichomoniasis, there are no clear discharges, often a man does not even know about the development of such a disease for a long time until he is examined.

If there are purulent, very abundant and frequent clear discharge from the urethra, blood, white fluid, then you should immediately contact a specialist. If the discharged secret becomes very frequent, there is a burning sensation, an unpleasant odor, then there may be suspicions of epididymitis, prostatitis, orchitis, etc. The doctor prescribes treatment only after receiving the results of the men's examination, identifying the causes of the disease. In this case, it is necessary to strictly adhere to all appointments and recommendations, personal hygiene will play an important role.

Diagnostic procedure

MRI diagnosis of secretions during stimulation

If during urination in men in the morning or simply during the day, secretions with blood or pus were found, it is necessary to consult a doctor for diagnosis. The examination procedure includes examination of the urethral canal. It is checked if there are manifestations of mucus, blood. Sometimes the patient's partner is also tested to rule out infection of both. In the clinic, the following methods are used to study the discharge from the urethra:

  1. Smear examination taken during examination using a microscope.
  2. Carrying out a special bacteriological inoculation of the obtained sample.
  3. Conducting an antibiogram.

These measures help to determine exactly what kind of discharge is observed during urination, what is the composition of the fluid. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive research, this will allow you to have the most complete picture. During consultations, it is important to understand what are the causes of rejection, if such a situation has been observed in the past, with what frequency, if there were accompanying symptoms, for example, pain and blood discharge during urination were observed. The diagnostics that will be carried out will make it possible to compile a comprehensive picture of the disease, which means that the appropriate treatment will be selected.

Treatment: what to do?

doctor's appointment with discharge during stimulation

The treatment of secretions in men largely depends on the type of disease that caused their appearance. In some cases, when everything is within the normal range, treatment is not prescribed.

For infectious and other diseases, an examination is already required, after which the doctor chooses how to treat the pathology. In any case, it is impossible to delay, if you do not start the treatment of the disease that causes the appearance of rejection in time, then the condition will go into a chronic stage, and this is dangerous.

It is also possible to avoid rejection from the urethra, so it is enough to monitor your health, follow the rules of hygiene, avoid debauchery, hypothermia. But self-examination will also be helpful, if any kind of fluid is released from men that is not normal, you should consult a doctor. It must be remembered that in a normal state, blood, pus, white fluids that have an unusual color, smell and texture cannot be released from the urethra in men.

If a man has fluid secreted from the urethra, then it is impossible to delay the visit to the hospital. When the discharge does not meet the norm, it is required to undergo an examination, after which the expert observer will prescribe the necessary measures. If the disease begins, it will quickly pass into the chronic stage and this is fraught with complications, other pathologies may develop, up to infertility.